Playbus Innovation Award

“Spielmobilinnovationspreis” (Playbus Innovation Award) is the award of Spielmobile e.V.  for educational play innovation and engagement. Nationwide and every three years, Spielmobile e.V. and the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth award this prize for outstanding projects in the playing field.

Plabus Innovation Award 2020-2021
All members of Spielmobile e.V. can hand an innovative project and have the chance to win the playbus innovation award 2020-2021.The 6th award will focus on the interests of children and how to implement them. The participation of the children is highly important. Sustainability and the innovative character of the project is also very important for the playbus innovation award. Further information (in German) are here.


And the winner 2017-2019 is…
During the international Play Congress in Munich 2019 the winners of the 5th Palybus Innovation Award (2017-2019) were announced.
Spielmobile e.V. asked for projects which have a specific view on space. Approachability, malleability and sustainability of space were in the focus.
A lot of good projects were handed in. And the winners are:

  1. place (3.000,- €): “Exit to Spielmobil” from Ochsenfurter Spielbaustelle and wundersam anders, Bayreuth
  2. place (1.500,- €): “Leben am Wasser” from Mobile Spielaktion, Stadtjugendausschuss, Karlsruhe
  3. place (500,- €): “Kinderstadt Darmstadt” from Spielmobil Darmstadt

Congratulations to the winners!