What Are Playbuses

Background information on playbuses

Playbus Encyclopaedia

Playbuses come in different forms and shapes and are run by different carriers. There are over 350 playbuses in Germany. They differ widely in appearance, working conditions and financial means. There are carrier associations that were founded to run a playbus and that have committed staff taking to the city districts or villages with a bus or a trailer…

What is a Playbus

A playbus is a motor vehicle – sometimes also a trailer – fitted with play and handicraft materials that shows up at pre-arranged times at squares, in parks, on playgrounds, at schools, etc. to offer additional or substitutional playing opportunities. Playbus means to experience fantasy workshops on wheels whose colourful carriages and…

The Relevance of Playing

In a way, playing is the preoccupation of every child. Playing means arbitrariness, freedom to find oneself and diversity. When children are lost in play, they voluntarily and holistically learn to actively interact with themselves and their environment. Children play in order to unfold their own interests and needs, and they thereby learn on their own. As such, playfulness itself sets its…

Playbus international

Playbus (or similar) projects now exist in several countries worldwide. We are aware of initiatives, organisations and playbuses in the USA, Australia, Belgium, China / Hongkong, England, France, Holland, India, Italy, Luxemburg, Austria, Poland, Romania and Switzerland. The common trait of all projects is the idea of mobility and flexibility as well as the voluntary nature of play. The activities involve a large variety of materials and take place at different venues. Playing activities are offered on topics like water, physics, marbles, participation, etc. Cultural offers go mobile. This can include theatre, cinema or exhibitions in residential areas. All concepts share the conviction that playing is an essential part of a child’s development. (Re-)claiming space to play is another declared goal of playbuses.

Playbuses from all over the world are united under the umbrella of the International Play Association (IPA). See an article on the IPA Congress 2017 in Calgary (Canada) here.