About us

Spielmobile e.V. – Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft (BAG), founded in 1992, are a federal association of experts, carriers and specialised organisations with an international outlook.

This specialised organisation focuses on playing as an independent phenomenon. Playing is considered the independent appropriation and alteration of one’s environment on a voluntary basis.
The playful exploration of social and cultural matters is an important contribution to extra-curricular education. The mobility aspect of playbuses represents agility: Mental agility is the basis for new ideas and concepts.

Objectives of the BAG

  • Promotion, support and further development of playbus activities.
  • Intensifying and qualifying this work through networking for organisations, information and setting up cooperation at a national and international level.
  • Representation and promotion of the playbus idea amongst the general public, political decision-makers and the administration.

Activities of the BAG

Freiwilligendienste Kultur und Bildung (Voluntary Social Year in the Area of Culture and Education): Spielmobile e.V. are the carrier of “Freiwilligendienste Kultur und Bildung in Bayern” (Voluntary Services for Culture and Education in Bavaria).

Bundesfreiwilligendienst Spielpädagogik (Federal Voluntary Service Play-Pedagogy): Spielmobile e.V. offer a tailor-made “Freiwilligendienst (Voluntary Service) to institutions focusing on play and cultural education.

Further education and training are an important aspect of quality assurance in mobile work. Training events are offered at federal and state level. Every year, Spielmobile e.V. – Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft hold an international playbus congress.

Information is gathered, edited and presented to an expert audience and the general public. This includes the professional magazine “Spielmobilszene”, the organisation’s website, a collection of scientific works, the compilation and distribution of play education literature as well as several abstracts on different playbus projects.

Networking for the play culture field by promoting collaboration, initialising expert debates, coordinating the activities of the state working parties and organising excursions for expert delegations.

Pilot projects are initiated, planned and implemented. This includes consulting regarding concepts and financing as well as scientific supervision. The publication of innovative projects ensures the further development of playbus activities in an area that is constantly changing.

The “Spielmobilpreis” (Playbus Award) is awarded for outstanding educational play innovation and engagement every two years.

The “Spielmobilshop” (Playbus Shop) publishes proprietary materials and videos regarding playbus activities at federal and international level. Books, concepts and documentations are on offer.

Advisory services are available through the Munich office for anyone who is interested.