Frequently asked questions about “Spielmobile an Flüchtlingsunterkünften”

Frequently Asked Questions – of course we are also happy to answer your questions on the phone or via e-mail (smaf[at]

  • What is the objective of the programme?
    Playing activities are to become a part of the integration efforts. They should have a connection to the social area in and around refugee accommodation centres. The long-term goal is for refugee children to get acquainted with their district and the children who live there. Playing activities add to the trust of the children and familiarise them with Germany. Playing is a natural way of getting used to new circumstances, getting to know other children and spending free time with children and adults. Ideally, there will be an exchange and familiarisation of old and new residents.
  • What is to be done?
    Regularly recurring offers focusing on play and culture education for children and teenagers are organised. There are different default models for their implementation. Applicants can choose between half- and full-day events. The focus of these events must be on the children playing. The programme is primarily about offers focusing on educational play. Please see implementation models here.
  • Where are the events to take place?
    The focus is on frequenting the children where they live, i.e. in the refugee accommodation centres. It is also possible to run activities in districts where a lot of people with displacement backgrounds live. Youth centres and schools can also be frequented if the offer is primarily focused on refugee children and their integration into the district.
  • Who is eligible to make an application?
    Any legal person can make an application by sending a Letter of Interest and project planing info. Furthermore, municipal institutions or municipal offices are eligible.
  • Do I have to be a member of Spielmobile e.V. in order to make an application?
    A membership is not compulsory. However, Spielmobile e.V. are happy to recruit new members. Those interested in becoming a member of Spielmobile e.V. can access additional information via this link.
  • What are the preconditions for funding?
    Projects with a focus on mobile playing culture. A playbus or a similar mobile object should be at hand. The offers in question have to take place in addition to the standard offers of the carrier. Cooperation agreements have to be concluded with the institutions where the events are to take place. These institutions also confirm the execution of the events.
  • What does additionality mean?
    Offers have to take place in addition to activities that have been carried out thus far and may not be funded by other parties. It is possible to set up new offers in refugee accommodation centres, to offer playing activities in additional centres (i.e. in addition to existing routes), to extend existing offers (e.g. by adding days or times during holidays), etc.
  • Is there a minimum number of events to be carried out in a certain period?
    Yes, a minimum of 15 events should be carried out in a timeframe of three months in order to ensure minimal sustainability.
  • How to apply for funding?
    Playbuses and projects with a focus on mobile playing culture apply to Spielmobile e.V. with a description of their project. Please use the template for the Letter of Interest and the project planing and choose the appropriate model from the list of available models. The submitted letters of interest will be evaluated and will form the basis for an agreement concluded with Spielmobile e.V. on the implementation of the project.
  • Which expenses are eligible?
    Expenditure on staff and material is eligible according to the default funding models. Expenditure on staff and material is reimbursed based on standard rates. Project partners have to keep receipts for expenses incurred. See funding models here.
  • Are cooperation partners required for the project?
    The refugee accommodation centres are always an important cooperation partner and a cooperation agreement should be concluded with the centre. If activities take place in the city district, there should be an agreement with the district administration, e.g. It is possible to include further cooperation partners.
  • What happens in terms of quality assurance?
    Every event is supervised by a qualified specialist. This specialist requires an educational qualification that enables them to manage playbus events in a refugee accommodation centre. At the same time, the event carrier is required to keep a day log based on the template of Spielmobile e.V. and to hand it in. These day logs are also meant to contribute to the self-evaluation of the carrier.
  • What kind of qualification is required?
    Education specialist: “Sozialpädagoge” (Social Education Specialist), “Sozialarbeiter” (Social Worker), Bachelor or equivalent.
    Qualified freelancers: with a play or media education (additional) qualification or an intercultural, crafts or arts (additional) qualification
    Supplementary qualified freelancers: with skills acquired in the field, e.g. students of social education or others. Deviations, e.g. for programmes with a special focus, have to be cleared with Spielmobile e.V..
  • Are events possible during school holidays?
    Yes, preferably full-day events.
  • What happens once Spielmobile e.V. has approved funding?
    As soon as Spielmobile e.V. has received the Letter of Interest, playing activities can be implemented and settled. Up to 80% of the requested funds are automatically disbursed every six weeks as specified in the contract. The remaining 20% are disbursed after the full accounting documentation has been handed in. Please see accounting notes as well as documentation regarding the final report (Word) and accounting (Excel) (valid for 2019).
  • How are projects settled?
    Expenditure on staff and material is reimbursed based on standard rates. The implementing playbus is required to keep a record of all project receipts (incoming and outgoing). Please see reference calculations for standard rates here. The remaining 20% of the funding are disbursed as soon as Spielmobile e.V. – Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft receive the full project report.
  • Are receipts to be handed in with the final report?
    No. However, if Spielmobile e.V. request the receipts, they have to be produced within eight weeks. The implementing playbus has to keep the original receipts as well as all documentation relating to the funding for five years after the proof of disposition, unless tax or other regulations stipulate a longer retention period. Please see standard rates in the description of funding models.
  • What is to be included in the project report?
    The project report contains the project accounting and the final report (valid for 2018). Both documents have to be handed in digitally (please send copy to smaf[at] and in print. Day logs and implementation confirmations have to be sent in in a print format as well.
  • Are training sessions available for playbus activities in refugee accommodation centres?
    Four training sessions are offered per year. Please see current schedule here. The sessions are free of charge for project participants. Accommodation and board are included, travel expenses will be reimbursed if receipts are provided. We are happy to take suggestions for thematic priorities of our training sessions into account. Please send an e-mail to smaf[at]
  • What if the number of children deviates from the expected number?
    Initially, it is possible to bill for the number of deployed staff. In general, the staffing ratio has to be adapted according to the number of children, however, i.e. after the third consecutive deviation, more staff has to be deployed if more children participated. If less children attended, billing for the number of staff will have to be based on models. However, a minimal staffing of two people is necessary for deployment and billing.
  • Who is behind the project “Spielmobile an Flüchtlingsunterkünften”?
    Spielmobile e.V.  has developed the project “Spielmobile an Flüchtlingsunterkünften” and receives funding for its implementation from the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth. More information on Spielmobile e.V. here. You can contact the project team at smaf[at]