What is a Playbus

A playbus is a motor vehicle – sometimes also a trailer – fitted with play and handicraft materials that shows up at pre-arranged times at squares, in parks, on playgrounds, at schools, etc. to offer additional or substitutional playing opportunities.

Playbus means…
… to experience fantasy workshops on wheels whose colourful carriages and variety of materials add a touch of colour to the everyday lives of children. Playbuses enable children to play light-heartedly and therefore eliminate any pressure to perform. They fight for reclaiming space to play and their varied offer brings life to playing areas. Playbuses are flexible and go where children and teenagers are. They enable them to flourish in their individuality, they promote social learning and offer alternatives to the clearly defined structures of school.

“Children don’t need playgrounds,
they need a ground to play on!
Children don’t need playthings,
they need things to play with!”