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Covid-Report on lockdown impacts on children

This report sets out the findings of a global study of the impact of measures prompted by the Covid-19 pandemic on the play and mobility of children. The aim of the study is to provide baseline information, to make international comparisons, and to gather emerging good practice on how these measures (which have significant adverse consequences for children’s health and well-being) can be mitigated. The study uses a specially-created ‘Child Lockdown Index’ to allow for meaningful comparisons between countries.
The study is important in bringing to light the sacrifices that children have been asked to make, and the potential consequences for their rights, health and well-being.
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21. IPA World Conference
IPA (International Play Association) World Conference in
Jaipur, India
Postponed to 2021

The IPA conference brings together hundreds of delegates from several different countries to celebrate play, understand its many benefits, exchange ideas and inspire action to provide all children with the chance to engage in rich, meaningful, free play.
The International Play Association (IPA) is an international non-governmental organization founded in 1961. IPA’s purpose is to protect, preserve and promote the child’s right to play as a fundamental human right. It provides a forum for exchange and action across disciplines and across sectors.
Spielmobile e.V., as a member of IPA will be present at one of the panels.

IPA (International Play Association)


Playbusses from the USA via Europe to Australia
Playbus (or similar) projects now exist in several countries worldwide. We are aware of initiatives, organisations and playbuses in the USA, Australia, Belgium, China / Hongkong, England, France, Holland, India, Italy, Luxemburg, Austria, Poland, Romania and Switzerland. The common trait of all projects is the idea of mobility and flexibility as well as the voluntary nature of play. The activities involve a large variety of materials and take place at different venues. Playing activities are offered on topics like water, physics, marbles, participation, etc. Cultural offers go mobile. This can include theatre, cinema or exhibitions in residential areas. All concepts share the conviction that playing is an essential part of a child’s development. (Re-)claiming space to play is another declared goal of playbuses.

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German-Japanese Expert Exchange Programme
Spielmobile e.V. was taking part in a two year German-Japanese expert exchange programme. The focus of the programme are playbusses and the playful exploration of social and cultural matters.
The Japanese delegation was visiting Germany in September 2018.
Their travel journal is here.
The German delegation was visiting Japan from May 29th until June 11th 2019. They were taking part at a conference and talk about their play culture work. The Japanese delegation created a Flyer for that.