What a Membership of Spielmobile e.V. entails

Members receive the professional magazine “Spielmobilszene”, regular newsletters with the latest information, a financial discount for their participation in the annual congresses and trainings as well as free consulting services. Their link will be added to the website.

The following membership plans are available:

  • Individual members: 51.00 euros per year
  • Organisations: 153.00 euros per year

Membership application (in German; PDF)

Spielmobile e.V.
Aschauer Str. 21
81549 Munich
Tel: 089-127 996 67
Fax: 089 28856073

New edition of “Who is Who in der Spielmobilszene? – Eine kurze Vorstellung von Mitgliedern bei Spielmobile e.V.” (a Short Presentation of the Members of Spielmobile e.V.)

The first edition, published in 2015, proved very popular and several members have not been included yet. Therefore, a new edition of the directory is in the making.

Members who would like to be included with their organisation are kindly asked to fill in the questionnaire online (questionnaire in german) and send one to three pictures (with a resolution of 300 dpi) of their playbus or their organisation to:


Please follow the same steps if you would like to amend or correct your previous entry.

The publication of the new edition is scheduled for the end of 2018 / beginning of 2019 and will be sent out to the members.

Please follow this link to the questionnaire.