The board of Spielmobile e.V.

stefan_meluslis Stefan Melulis, 1st Chair
“Diplompädagoge” (Educationist), Education Officer ABA Fachverband e.V.
In charge of political representation, committee work
Contact: stefan.melulis[at]
Carla Bergen, 2nd Chair
BA Cultural and Media Education; MA Cultural Management
Playbus Stuttgart (Mobifant)
In charge of finances
Contact: carla.bergen[at]
(photo credits Kasim Bauer)
Eva Hofmann, 3rd Board member
Childcare worker, Educational Play Educator at ABA Fachverband e.V.
In charge of board organisation, state associations, congresses and member support
Contact: eva.hofmann[at]
(photo credits: Lichtschacht-Essen)
Chris Schäfer, 4th Board member
Qualified Educational Play Educator,
Playbus “Das Rotzfreche SPIELMOBIL Darmstadt e.V.
In charge of social media
Contact: chris.schaefer[at]
The board is completed by the following appointed members:
Grit Eißler (trainings)
Susanne Endres (international affairs)
Michel Heuberger (garden shows)
Gerd Knecht (magazine “Spielmobilszene”, exhibtion 2022, IPA)

Our founding member and member of the board, Bernhard Lusch, died unexpectedly on 18 April 2018. We will miss him dearly: his efforts for and with others and his big heart for children, life itself and all of us!

The appointed Member of the Board, Ralf Hoffmann, stepped down on 30 April 2018. We would like to thank him for his committed guidance and support in the PR field and as member of the board over the past years.