Kultur macht stark – Bündnisse für Bildung

With the programme “Kultur macht stark – Bündnisse für Bildung” (Culture Empowers – Alliances for Education), the Federal Ministry of Education and Research has been funding cultural education measures since 2013. The measures are planned and implemented by local alliances. The funding programme is run in cooperation with 30 nationwide associations and initiatives that were selected in a competitive procedure. The eligible measures include all kinds of arts and culture as well as interdisciplinary offers. Spielmobile e.V. receive funding in the second funding cycle and thus beyond 2017.

Funding Procedure
All applications for “Kultur macht stark” through Spielmobile e.V. have to be made via the database Kumasta under the header “Spielkultur”. After the deadline, applications are screened by the project office and evaluated by a jury. Interested parties are urged to get in touch with the project office at an early stage and seek advice. This increases the chances of funding. In order to apply via Kumasta, interested parties have to register. Spielmobile e.V. have developed six different formats that are implemented by alliances on site. Please see format outlines at the end of this site. Please also provide your project outline via Kumasta.

Note on Financial Matters
The total sum cited in applications has to be at least equivalent to the preliminary calculation (i.e. at least 9940 euros, see format outlines). Please note that the preliminary calculation is based on the participation of 42 children. If more or fewer children participated, the charges have to be adapted. The overall charges mustn’t, however, be lower than 9940 euros and higher than 50,000 euros (including administrative fees).

Please send your documents to the office of Spielmobile e.V.:
Spielmobile e.V. – Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft
Kultur macht stark
Aschauer Str. 21
81549 Munich

For consulting regarding your application, please contact Simone Drentwett (thematic questions, simone.drentwett[at]spielmobile.de) and Stephan Denk or Renate Schmidt (finance-related questions, stephan.denk[at]spielmobile.de or renate.schmidt[at]spielmobile.de).